Food Containers & Storage

Looking for a great way to manage food packaging and storage for your business or home? Below are featured bottles, jars, and tin containers for commercial and personal use. Order in any quantity (no minimums) and get discounted wholesale pricing for bulk orders. Not sure which food container to use? Call us for samples.

Sauce Bottles Choose from a variety of round and square sauce bottles, either with standard twist caps or the more unique and elegant swing tops or cork tops. From the woozy style, known as the original "hot sauce bottle," to the quadra and stout styles, our bottles are perfect for storing dressings, oils, vinegars, and barbeque sauce.

Beverage Bottles Our glass swing top bottles are perfect for liqueurs, teas, juices and work with all kinds of beverages. The larger swing top bottles have become the restaurant standard for table-side glass water bottles and are now available in red, green, blue, yellow and slate gray. Also, check out our amber bottles and growlers, which are great for beer and cold brew.

Gourmet Style Jars Make your product stand out by using a unique food container, such as one of our stylized gourmet food jars. Our jars are made with thick glass, giving your product a high end look and feel in a durable container. Glass jars are available in clear, amber, and blue, and come in a variety of styles, such as hexagon, oval, square and faceted.

Tins Containers  Find an assortment of tin containers that are ideal for dry goods, like salts, nuts, mints, tea and coffee. Styles include clear top, slip cover, screw top and hinged top among others. Metal containers are manufactured with rolled edges for safe handling.

Canning Jars Mason jars are the traditional canning jar and ours are made with highly durable eco friendly glass and come with easy to use one piece lids. These jars are one of the best options for seasonal food storage, including preserves after a harvest or pickling your favorite vegetables. Any of our other "gold lid jars" can also be used for food storage and canning.

Spice Jars Keep your favorite spices in our thick glass spice and herb jars. Available in round and square styles, all spice jars come with white shaker fitments and are available with black or white caps.


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