Shipping Cost and Time in Transit

Shipping Cost Shipping charges are based on the weight of your order. Just add the intended items to your shopping cart and shipping charges will be displayed for your zip code. Keep in mind that glass items can be heavy, and plastic and tin items can have a high "dimensional weight," making them expensive to ship.

Time in Transit Most orders are processed and shipped within one business day, and time in transit is normally two to three business days, depending on location. Orders over 150 pounds and orders shipped on a pallet can take three to six business days in transit, depending on location. Our distribution centers are located in Seattle and Nashville. Use the map below to determine the approximate time in transit to your location.

We recommend signing up for UPS MyChoice to manage your standard UPS deliveries (not pallets).

Shipping time map

Canadian and International Shipments Shipping cost can be estimated online for shipments to Canada and do not include brokerage costs, duties or other border fees. For orders outside the US and Canada, please contact Customer Service for shipping costs.