Creative Ideas

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  • DIY olive oil Website Link: Martha Stewart Weddings Description:

    Rosemary olive oil with attractive homemade labels.

  • DIY cocktail syrup Website Link: Martha Stewart Description:

    Hibiscus-Ginger Syrup in corked bottles, dressed up with ribbons and custom labels.

  • DIY cocktail kit Website Link: ManMadeDIY Description:

    Travel size Old Fashioned cocktail kit with printable recipe.

  • DIY wedding pill box Website Link: Something Turquoise Description:

    Sweet but silly decorated wedding pill boxes.

  • DIY Egyptian spice tin Website Link: IdeaLand Description:

    Egyptian spice mix in clear top tins with customized labels.

  • DIY glitter candles Website Link: Something Turquoise Description:

    Poured Glitter Candles make great wedding or shower favors.

  • DIY cupcake jar Website Link: Cakies Description:

    Incredibly creative cupcake in a jar! Looks good and tastes good!

  • DIY magnetic spice rack Website Link: Instructables Description:

    A creative magnetic spice rack with clear top tins. From the mind of the CocktailHacker.

  • DIY homemade vanilla extract Website Link: The Italian Dish Description:

    Homemade vanilla extract in cute little 4 ounce Boston round bottles.

  • DIY bourbon recipe Website Link: Home is Where the Boat Is Description:

    Doctor up your bourbon with this sweet and tasty recipe!

  • DIY snow globes Website Link: Instructables Description:

    "Creative indeed! Check out these original "snow globes" from Facci Designs.

  • DIY iced coffee Website Link: A Fabulous Fete Description:

    A cool idea for serving iced coffee to go or at your next party.

  • DIY thai sweet chili sauce Website Link: TheKitchn Description:

    "Garlicky, bright and spicy Thai sweet chili sauce." What a nice homemade gift!

  • DIY cookie mix Website Link: Something Turquoise Description:

    Creative display of cookie mix, with detailed baking instructions!

  • Spicy bloody Mary gift kit Website Link: BuzzFeed Description:

    This spicy bloody Mary flask kit makes a great gift!

  • DIY bloody mary mix Website Link: Almost Makes Perfect Description:

    A fun and unique gift. A fresh and tasty bloody mary mix.

Now you can also see hundreds of other packaging ideas on our Pinterest page.