Plastic Bottles

Here is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of bulk plastic bottles. Find plastic packaging for bath and body products, sprays, liquid soap, and cosmetics in a range of sizes. These bottles, available in the vibrant colors below, are also food grade, many made from PET plastic or HDPE. Shapes include cylindrical, bullet and tapered designs. Choose from a variety of dispensing options including pumps, sprays, and shampoo style bottle caps.


Most of our plastic bottles are constructed from strong food-grade PET plastic, with a select few featuring economical, food-grade natural HDPE construction for that frosted plastic bottle look. Color options include clear, blue, black, green and amber. A variety of closures in black or white provide versatile options, including standard lids, pump tops, foamer pumps, atomizing sprayers, flip tops and disc caps. This line is an ideal storage solution for sprays, liquid soap, cosmetics, lotions, gels, scented sprays, cleansers, shampoo, conditioner and more. Clear models allow you to easily showcase products, and colored options provide UV protection for light-sensitive contents. Storage capacity ranges from 2 oz bottles up to 16 oz PET bottles, offering a variety of sizing solutions for your product line. With our wide selection and bulk discounts, you can buy your empty plastic bottles wholesale and you won’t need to look anywhere else for your product packaging needs.