8.5 oz Clear Square Glass Bottle with Swing Top

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Dimensions: 2.11" width by 7.9" height. Case quantity: 28 pack.

When you buy any of our swing top bottles, you can be confident you're getting the highest quality packaging for your money. Our SQR8ST bottle is no exception. The square shape lends a modern feel to this attractive bottle and the attached hermetic closure swings up and snap down easily to provide an airtight seal. These charming clear glass bottles are produced in Italy by Bormioli Rocco, a leading wholesale manufacturer of glass since the 1800s. Designed to outlast the competition by using thick Class 1 glass in a convenient 8.5 ounce size (approximately one cup, or one half pint), these bottles are perfectly suited to bottling drink mixers, concentrates or extracts. All of our clear swing top bottles are dishwasher safe (without bottle top) and food grade. Buy in bulk for greater savings or order just the amount you need. We order in bulk so you can benefit from our wholesale pricing.