36x23 Shrink Band (250 bundle)

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Bring a little extra peace of mind to each container offered by adding the tamper-evident function of these heat-activated shrink bands. Perforated designs make them a cinch to remove after application.

This shrink band fits the BRA1, BRA1/2, BRA1/2D, BRA1/2WD, BRA1D, BRA1S, BRA1WD, BRA2, BRA2D, BRA2S, BRA2WD, BRB1, BRB1/2, BRB1/2D, BRB1/2WD, BRB1D, BRB1S, BRB1WD, BRB2, BRB2D, BRB2S, BRB2WD, BRF1, BRF1/2, BRF1/2D, BRF1/2WD, BRF1D, BRF1S, BRF1WD, BRF2, BRF2D, BRF2S, BRF2WD, BRG1, BRG1/2, BRG1/2D, BRG1/2WD, BRG1D, BRG1S, BRG1WD, BRG2, BRG2D, BRG2S, BRG2WD, FSQ1/2.

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18 mm, 20 mm
36 mm
23 mm
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